Chief & Katy

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Dick “Chief” Twyman

In January of 2011 the Twyman/Heat family
and the baseball world was dealt a blow when Chief Twyman suddenly passed away. Chief was a good man and did a lot for the community and baseball world. We lost aGreat Man, a loving father, a supportive General Manager, a teacher of life and baseball to 1000’s of young men that had the honor to play for him. He was a huge ambassador of the City of Havasu, City of Haysville, and the National Baseball Congress. Chief will be greatly missed.


In 1993 Rick Twyman founded the Heat with hopes of building a competitive baseball team comprised of elite college-level athletes. Shortly after Ricks Father Chief jumped in 100% and assumed the roll of co-owner and General Manager.  Building a world class team didn’t take long at all. Chief and his son Rick and the Heat team had many accomplishments in the last 18 years including the 1996 US Open Championship, 8 Pacific Southwest League Championships, 1 Jayhawk League Championship, 8 National Baseball Congress Regional Championships, 8 top 10 finishes in the NBC World Series, 5 Sweet Six finishes in the NBC World Series and 3 “Most Popular Team in the Country” awards. The biggest accomplishment and award of all being the
2007 National Baseball Congress World Title which he was voted the manager of the year!

In 18 seasons Chief compiled 612 wins and only 119 losses. He helped 122 players move on to play professional baseball with different organizations.

Some of his players currently in the Big Leagues are:

Morgan Ensburg (Houston Astros)
Mike Gallo (Houston Astros)
Fernando Cortez (Kansas City Royals)
Dennis Sarfate (Milwaukee Brewers)
Sergio Romo (San Fransisco Giants)
Bryan Peterson (Florida Marlins)
Craig Gentry (Texas Rangers)

Chief was also a driving force and President behind the NBC Pacific Southwest League. The PSWL was and still is a member of the National Baseball Congress. The PWSL League Champion represents the league annually at the National Baseball World Series in Wichita, Kansas. Chief made sure from 1998 to 2009
that the PSWL was one of the strongest leagues in the country. Former teams
like the Havasu Heat, Casa Grande Cotton Kings and the Palm Springs Power were a few of the founding teams in the first season of 1998.

So as you can see this is a man that accomplished and touched a lot of people
all over the country. The #18 will never be worn again by any Heat player or coach. It will be retired on June 3, 2011, opening day for the heat.